Technical recruitment by subscription

Start hiring IT specialists or accelerate your candidate pipeline with our cost-effective, and easy-to-scale recruitment services.

Our capabilities

We can help with


Empower your company with technical recruiting skills


Set up tools, metrics and reports to track progress

Accelerated hiring

Our internal database contains 25,000+ verified candidates

Cost optimization

Help to optimize expense, select the best recruitment strategy


Provide full control over the talent acquisition process


Ensure candidates aligns with your employer brand


In-house professionals


Positions curently opened

Our services

What we do

We help innovative companies hire world-class engineers and reduce development costs, all while prioritizing transparency and effectiveness over higher commissions.


Together, we will choose the right strategy for extending your engineering team based on your requirements. You will also know how to manage international payroll easily.

Technical Recruitment

As a LinkedIn Partner, we have access to the world's largest talent pool, at the same time, premium AI tools allow us to reach the rest through industry-specific channels.


You can rely on us throughout each phase, from crafting an accurate job descriptions and setting suitable compensation to aiding in technical interviews.

Our capabilities

Positions we cover

We specialize exclusively in technical IT positions, leveraging our extensive expertise in this domain to offer you unparalleled recruitment services.

UX/UI Designer
Project Manager
Business Analyst
Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Fullstack Developer
Mobile Developer
Machine Learning Engineer
Blockchain Developer
DevOps Engineer
QA Engineer
Pricing model

Talent by subscription

Our subscription-based service avoids incentivizing to prioritize expensive specialists for a bigger commission, while focusing transparency and effectiveness.


Most popular, for regular needs

$2500 Monthly
3-5 qualified candidates per month minimum, no additional fees.
  • Part-time 20/40;
  • Recruiter + up to 1 researcher;
  • Free and paid job boards;
  • Access to the entire LinkedIn network and AI tools;
  • 2 positions simultaneously.
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For fast growing business

$4500 Monthly
5-7 qualified candidates per month minimum, no additional fees.
  • Full-time 40/40;
  • Recruiter + up to 2 researchers;
  • Free and paid job boards;
  • Access to the entire LinkedIn network and AI tools;
  • 4 positions simultaneously.
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What are payment terms?

After signing the contract, the first invoice is issued, followed by subsequent invoices at the beginning of each billing period. Payment is due within 7 days of receiving each invoice.

Do you guarantee a minimum number of candidates?

Yes, this is our competitive advantage, but a lot depends on the specific position, we give more accurate numbers after discussing the project.

Is there a minimum contract period?

It takes some time to warm up and place ads, so the contract period is a minimum of one month, regardless of the number of positions.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, it will remain active until the end of the current billing period, during which time you can continue to use our services.


What our clients say

"The company's impressive knowledge and professional work habits have left me thoroughly impressed. I highly recommend them to anyone."
Aner Ravon
Co-Founder, Zirra
"Their work quality and commitment, along with their seamless integration into our team, make them stand out as excellent partners."
Erin Driggers
Head of Engineering, Splice Machine
"I have been impressed with their ability to not only meet but exceed expectations, and their leadership and guidance has resulted in a solid workflow."
Jake Robinson
Co-Founder, Superdraft
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