How it works

Our process

Process makes us unique

We use their extensive expertise and professional software tools to tailor the recruitment process for each position, particularly senior roles, in order to find and choose the ideal candidate.



Identifying and attracting potential candidates for a job opening through various channels like LinkedIn, StackOverflow, Github, Dribbble.



Evaluating and assessing job applicants to determine their soft skills, suitability for the job and their potential fit within the organization.



Optionally evaluating a candidate's hard skills, abilities, and other relevant attributes through tests, and simulations before interview.


Technical interview

Scheduling and coordinating technical interviews between the client's, optionally ours, technical team and the candidates.



If the client decides to send an offer to a candidate, our specialist helps to facilitate the negotiation and acceptance process.



Help with collection and execution of documents, assistance in onboarding, interaction with the client's HR team.

Our capabilities

We work with clients globaly

Our capabilities

Positions we cover

While Europe, Latin America, and Asia are popular regions among our clients, we can assist you in locating engineers in various locations worldwide.

UX/UI Designer
Project Manager
Business Analyst
Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Fullstack Developer
Mobile Developer
Machine Learning Engineer
Blockchain Developer
DevOps Engineer
QA Engineer
Our tools

Modern approach

Say goodbye to CVs cluttering your email inbox. We use up to date Applicant Tracking System and communication tools like Slack streamline the hiring process for fast and efficient talent acquisition.

Working with us, you’ll be provided with real-time communication, the ability to dive deep into candidate details, easy movement of candidates through different stages with valuable feedback, data export in a variety of formats, and more.

Frequently Asked

General FAQ

What are payment terms?

After signing the contract, the first invoice is issued, followed by subsequent invoices at the beginning of each billing period. Payment is due within 7 days of receiving each invoice.

Do you guarantee a minimum number of candidates?

Yes, this is our competitive advantage, but a lot depends on the specific position, we give more accurate numbers after discussing the project.

Is there a minimum contract period?

It takes some time to warm up and place ads, so the contract period is a minimum of one month, regardless of the number of positions.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, it will remain active until the end of the current billing period, during which time you can continue to use our services.


Want to know more?

Book a quick call to discuss your current challenge, and our expert team will take your IT recruitment to the next level.

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